The Miller Chronicles

The story of one lucky boy who got us as parents!

Tuesday, January 27

Happy 30th Birthday Jeremiah!!

Over the weekend, We threw a surprise bday for my brother who turned 30. I'd say he was pretty surprised....

We made him sit in a "special" chair as a bunch of friends from his past retold stories of all the times he got in trouble....

Me and my OLDER bro.... (lol)

Reminecsing with old friends....

Great Cake and sweets....

Good Friends, Good food, Awesome times!!

Sunday, January 25

The end of Micky Mouse

I have this ginormous Mickey Mouse doll that Kevin hates! But I have kept it around because Orion loves to play with it. Well, loves to wrestle with it. Its sooo funny, he'll drag it out of his room, usually by his tail and jump, pounce and tackle it. Its sooo funny to watch. I managed to get a few pics......

Look out Mickey, Orion is coming for ya!

Thursday, January 22

Orion's First trip to the DENTIST!

Orion had his first trip to the Dentist yesterday. He looked sooo little sitting in that HUGE chair but it was adorable. I found Dr. Nichols at Just for Kids Dentistry through our insurance website and he is an AWESOME dentist. He is BEYOND AWESOME! You can tell he loves his job. He took the time to get to know us and Orion. Orion did so well. He even sat in the chair all by himself and once he started grabbing everything and pushing all of the buttons I knew he was comfortable. We all laughed when he got a hold of the water hose and sprayed himself. lol.

A few weeks ago I noticed that Orion had black marks on 3 of his bottom teeth. They came out of nowhere and I was concerned. Even after obsessive brushing, the marks stayed. Anyway.Dr. Nichols used his pick thingy and his round brushing thingy and was able to get them off. He said that it looked like marker because It didn't come off very easily. All I'm thinking is "Where did he get a marker?".

So anyway, Bottom line is he did sooo well. He sat in the chair all by himself(I guess a lot of kids don't do that the first time), he sat through picking on his bottom teeth (which the sound made me cringe), and only bit the dentist once. Dr. Nichols laughed saying it was a hazard of the job. LOL. All for a choice at a drawer full of toys and a new toothbrush. All in all, a great experience. We have a great Pediatric Dentist!

I could NOT get Orion to look at the camera, there are too many fun things to look at!

Checking out his loot bag they gave him!

Saturday, January 17

I LOVE my job!

Went to work today. Nothing too exciting happened out of the ordinary but I realized when I got home that I LOVE MY JOB! I get paid to play with kids. Plain and simple. For those who don't know exactly what I do, I work for My Gym. Its a kids gym for ages 6 months to 13 years old. For the younger kids its like a "Mommy and Me" class with singing, dancing, puppet shows and gymnastics. For the older kids, its more of a cardio work out. We even break a sweat.

But I KNOW we make a difference in these kids lives. Whether it be as just a teacher that plays with them or helps them overcome a fear of going upside down. We deal with some children who have an array of disabilities including autism and its sooo amazing what a difference you can be in their lives. You see it on the parents faces all the time. Its just soo amazing to be able to go to a job like that. Its a blessing.

For those of you who don't know, I have always HATED public speaking. I DO NOT do well in front of large groups of people. I used to even have panic attacks. I refused to take Public Speaking in college because I couldn't even get up in front of the class. I still have a brief moments of panic but they usually are quick to subside. I honestly did not know how I was going to get thought the first few weeks but I did. We have awesome parents and even better kids. You never have a bad day when there are kids happy to see you.

The last reason I LOVE my job is the people I work with. I have a boss that is totally wicked awesome and who loves her job so it shines through everything else. Every one there is sooo fun to work with and we are all like big kids so we are perfect for that job.


Tuesday, January 13

Random of Pics of Orion! Yeah! lol!

So, I was going through some pics and I found a cd of a bunch of pics of Orion when he was around 6 months and here are a few....

"Mom! Why are you embarressing me!"

All dressed up for Church!

Look at that smirk!

Retro Guy!

Baby Blues!

He Still gives me that look and gets away with stuff!

Thursday, January 8

Latest Creation.....

Ok so My goal this year is to finish turning Orions room into a "Big Boy" room done in Pirates, red blue and black. I have started his bedding set but then Christmas happened so that still needs to be done along with everything else but here is the first thing done.

Sunday, January 4

Orion in the Nursery.....

So Kevin and I are always wondering how Orion acts at church in the nursery. Since I have been in the Primary for the last 2 years, I got into the habit of peeking in on him between classes. But that is usually snack time so he is sitting eating which always makes him quiet. But I love watching him, he is just so cute as long as he doesn't see me. So I especially wonder, "does he act like a nut, goofy and yelling all over the place?" "Is he quiet as a mouse?" "Does he just sit in the corner waiting for us to pick him up?"
This Sunday, Kevin told me that when he picked up Orion, the Nursery leader (who is actually a friend and would tell us if he was getting out of hand) commented to him about how well behaved and reverent and wonderful he is in Nursery. How he plays with all of the children and is a joy to have in class. How he folds his arms for the prayer. He never screams or throws toys or hits or does anything else that a rambunctious 2 year old does. We have a rather large nursery here. Although this year 10 left to be sunbeams, its still pretty good size.
I'll admit it, I was a little surprised. I know he is a good boy but I sometimes wonder if we are getting through to him in teaching him how special the church is. And about reverence and respect. I know that at home he does yell and is a goof and a nut and runs around. And at home I just laugh at him, I like it, he is my comic relief.
But it just made me even prouder that it did come from a friend who would tell us if he was too rowdy. And that he is known for being well behaved in church. i think its wonderful that he can differentiate the 2. Home and Church. Just another proud moment from a lucky mom!

Saturday, January 3

The blog war!

So one of my favorite past times on the computer is to look at other people blogs. I love seeing what friends are up to and I hate talking on the phone for hours. Ive had a blog for like a year and never actually blog on it. That is one goal this year is to keep a blog. It seems like I am always getting asked "Do you have a blog?!"

So here I am sitting here trying to make it "me-worthy" and I am so getting frustrated! I cant seem to get the pics that I want where I want them! or to get a decent background and where are all of you people getting these cute backgrounds and cute stuff. I WANT TO KNOW!!! Thats my rant for now. Ill find out soon how to make this easier on the eyes but for tonight, it sucks!