The Miller Chronicles

The story of one lucky boy who got us as parents!

Monday, March 23


Dont ask me how but we accidently bought season passes to Seaworld last year for all of 09. Didnt even realize it until we went last week. AWESOME! Orion LOVES it there so we are stoked! As you can see, I added a family pic above as I was getting some complaints. Kevin hates pictures so its so hard to get a family pic.

Orion loves the polar bears!

We had to see the Beluga Whales!!

Last time we were at Seaworld, Orion would not touch the star fish....... We made a breakthrough this time and Orion LOVED it!

He loved the Seasame Street 4D movie and could not get over the fact that He "got wet" at the movies....

Orion loved the Shamu show!

I think he was showing off for the camera!

This is a sign of a good day!

What better way to end the day.....

Happy 7th bday Hailey!

It was my niece's 7th bday over the week and she had some great parties! Orion loved the pinata! But after the party, he was telling me that when you hit a fairy, candy comes out. Interesting....

Saturday, March 21


Who knew all of this.....

Prepared right:

Could equal total delicious-ness!

Catch up - Kikis bday party!

Orion was soo stoked to go over to Kikis house! He LOVES going over there and asks everyday "are we going to Kikis house today?" We had soo much fun playing games and eating cake!

Catch up - Rainey Days

Who says you have to stay inside on rainey days!