The Miller Chronicles

The story of one lucky boy who got us as parents!

Thursday, September 24

First day of school......

So Orion started Preschool this past week. A friend and I are doing a little home-school preschool for our two 3 year olds. Since there is one Miller and one Willoughby we named our school the "Millerby Kids". Orion was sooooo excited for Kiki to come over.

They both did very well. We worked on our letter "A", the color Red, Circles, and numbers 1-5. We had story time and read Dr Suess' 10 Apples up on top. We had Animal Crackers and Apple juice for snack time. Dont they look cute in thier painting gear....

We finger-painted circles.

Its a lot for Orion and it showed a couple of hours later....

Maybe this is the comeback of the "naps"! He stopped taking naps very early. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Check back for day 2 pics!

Wednesday, September 23

Ray's visit.

Kevins bestest friend from Texas paid us a little visit last week. Orion loved wrestling with someone else. Orion knew he was beat though when Ray pulled this move:

For those of you that do not know Ray is about 6'5" tall and a sturdy guy! lol.

Good times with Great friends!

Tuesday, September 22

I love my job!

Here's why Sept. 12th My Gym had an open house. I get paid to play with kids! And BE a big kid!

Much needed

The day after the road trip I headed out for a little girl time to get a much needed pedicure!

And LOVED every minute of it!

Road Trip Part 4

We spent the night at a Microtel Inn at Morgan Hill. Which I do NOT recommended! It was ok but "OK" at best. The morning of Thursday the 10th found us traveling south. Enroute of the Monterey Bay Aquairum.

But of course we HAD to make a stop for this:

The Worlds LARGEST artichoke! Right in the heart of artichoke country, Castroville.
Where there is nothing but this:


Awesome little pitstop, then it was on our way to Montery, which was a surprising 25 mins. Orion kept saying "I can see the ocean!"

And we finally got there:

And he LOVED it. I couldnt get over how clean everything was. The bathrooms were spotless.

Orion quickly became infactuated with this:

JELLIES! He loved them!

The bat rays were pretty popular as well. He loved watching them swim around and try to climb out...

And the best part... It was alll FREEEEEEE! A gal I work with volunteers there.
All I can say is thanks for the free tickets, Jessica!!

Monday, September 14

Road Trip Part 3

Tuesday after the Jelly Belly Factory, we drove out to San Jose and found an AWESOME Childrens Discovery Museum. I was completely hands on and was soooo worth the stop!

We got to play in some water:

Played some golf:

Made a windsock:

Learned about bubbles:

And played with sand (for like 30 mins!)

And got to paint!

It was an awesome center, sooo clean and definantly made for kids!

Road Trip Part 2

Wednesday we got up and made it here:

Got a free tour with free candy and got to learn about how Jelly bellies were made. It was pretty cool. I was not allowed to take pictures for security reasons. But it was neat. I highly recommed it to all how are travelling through that area!

Orion was pretty excited!

Like a kid in a candy store!

To my dismay, there were no Ommpa Loompas.... :(

Road Trip Part 1

Our family trip this year, we decided to head up north for a little road trip. So we mapped it out and headed on our way to Fairfield.

All ready with monkey by his side...

Saw a whole lot of this:

Drove over an awesome Drawbridge....

Finally got to Fairfield to see the house Kevin grew up in...

After dinner made it to our hotel and called it a night. Had an awesome nights sleep at the Comfort Inn.

PS - there will be tons more pics on facebook....

Sunday, September 13

Uno Stacko Vs. Nolan

During a rousing game of Uno Stacko..... Nolan seemed to let Uno Stacko win...