The Miller Chronicles

The story of one lucky boy who got us as parents!

Tuesday, April 21

Game night!

So every so often we have friends over for some games. Saturday night we were graced with Nolan, Sean and Natalie. We started the night with Killer Bunnies which Nolan came in toward the end of the game.

It was a heated battle! When the game ended (which is when we do the final drawing of the carrots to figure out who really won) Natalie and I were without saved bunnies. Meaning we were not in the drawing. So we forfeited our carrots to Kevin. So Kevin had 19 carrots and Sean had 1. 1 Carrot. The boys then continued to draw carrot cards and watched Kevins carrots slowly disappear. Until they were both left with one each. Sean drew Kevin's card.....

Which meant Sean eliminated alll of Kevin's carrots and WON. With 1 CARROT!!

And here's Kevin....

he was a little perterved. So we moved on to Apples to Apples.....

Kevin was up with some interesting choices....

Despite popular demand, he did not choose Barfing..... He chose Homeless Shelters. Only he knows why....

Moving on.....

To Scattergories... I did not get any pics due to laughing too hard. That game gets REALLY interesting in this group. I love game night!

Monday, April 20

So Silly Caleb

One of my nefew's favorite meals is salad. I thought "Wow, he is eating healthy!" Until I saw him "eat" a salad.....

He doses it in dressing, in this case Italian, and licks all the dressing off. We all had a good laugh.....

Just gotta say, I love my job.......

Because this is my boss.

Nuff said.

Sunday, April 19

The Great Cornholio...

For those of you who know the Great Cornholio.....

Here is an even greater one....

Easter Festivites....Part 4 - The Hunt

Once a year we gather together and prepare for the hunt. We train all year long for this. What are we hunting you ask? This:

Sunday Afternoon we went to my parents house for a egg hunt with the cousins. Orion jumped right in and made out not too bad with 17 eggs.

We made them work this year!

Friday, April 17

Easter Festivites....Part 3 - Sunday Morning

Orion made out like a bandit of course. Complete with new bubbles, and a Mr. potato head bunny!

He was half asleep but still excited!

Happy with his loot!

Pimped out for chuch....

Thursday, April 16

Easter Festivites....Part 2 - Easter Eggies

Friday Evening, we joined some friends for an (what turned out to be) "eventful" and fun evening at the Willoughby's. It started off with the intent on normalcy (that word should not even be in my vocab!). BBQ and coloring Easter eggs. Kiddos were outside playing. The chicken legs were thrown on first. I made Potato salad, Sara had baked beans on the stove top. The steaks were about to be thrown on when we hear a huge *CRASH*. Kevin and George were on the couch, Sara and I were in the kitchen. All 4 of us ran to the back of the house to find glass everywhere in the kids room. Luckily all of the kids were outside but thier oldest had but a baseball through the window. After putting the chicken on low, cleaning up all of the glass and a scolding, we ate at about 8, then made these:

And sure had a good time doing it!

Orion pretty much ate them all before he got to color them.

Wednesday, April 15

Easter Festivites....Part 1 - Easter goodies

Our Easter Started early. There is a family tradition on my side for making Easter Chocolates. Growing up the kiddies (ie me, my brother) would be in charge of unwrapping the hundreds of Hersheys kisses that we use but I didnt put Orion in charge of that because I knew only half would make it into the bowl. Maybe next year.

Goodies included:

Lots of Chocolate suckers

Lots of butterscotch nests

My favorite, chocolate eggs with homemade marshmellow

And i tried something new. I added truffles to the mix. They came out pretty good.

Kids of my primary class got little goodie boxes....

Unfortunantly by the time Easter Morning actually comes, I am usually sick of chocolate. Hazzard/Bonus of baking, SAMPLING....... it can be a dangerous thing.

Monday, April 13

Not for the squemish...

Anyone who knows Orion, knows that he goes 10o mph, 100% of the time. And he is NOT graceful. Last month he was playing at my work, running at full speed and tripped over a mat 1 inch thick. His head hit a wooden structure. HARD. Now, I don't panic. I am used to Orion getting hurt. I am used to seeing all of his owies, major or not, assessing wither or not we need to go to the ER. Not tooo much bothers me anymore. This particular time. I did panic for a split second. Right down his forehead was a bump that protruded 3/4 of an inch out of his head and was about an inch long.

This was about a week later...

Now, of course we took him to his Doctors. And he is fine. He healed within a couple of weeks. But I realized that usually when he falls, he cuts his lip. He has never really had a head injury so it was a new one. All is well. I was just amazed how fast it swelled up!!