The Miller Chronicles

The story of one lucky boy who got us as parents!

Sunday, May 31

What we've been up to.....

I know you are all wondering! We've been busy and I have wayyyy too many pictures to post on here so I put all of the pictures on facebook. if you need the link, email me:

Friday, May 22nd I arranged a tour of the Fire Department with a bunch of friends. It was fun and educational! I plan to do it again in the fall for the older kiddies as well. It was followed up by an awesome picnic lunch at the park and feeding the duckys!

Orion loved it!

Tuesday May 26th was my Birthday. Kevin let me sleep and got me a media card reader. Which I was stoked about! We then went out for Breakfast, then to the mall for some See's Candy and then I had to work from 3-8. Bummer. But it was a great Birthday morning!

Wednesday, May 27th we went to Sea World. Again see Facebook for ALL the pictures! orion absolutly LOVED it! He was asking about it allllll week! We have season passes but it was Orions last free trip. On the way down there we stumbled upon a 50's malt shoppe.

And I had the BEST burger I have EVER had in my entire life. They were sooooooo good!

Thursday May 28th, Kevin took Orion to the March Air Force base Museum in Mo Valley. Orion loves planes and he tried to start the all and he had plenty of space to run so he had a blast.

Later that day, as I worked, Kevin took Orion to the Beach. He was obsessed with the sand and loved it.

Friday was Orions Birthday. The celebration started at 7:45 am when Orion woke up. he opened presents from us then we had a breakfast of the "Turtle Cereal" (sugar smacks). We then went to Gramma and Grandpas for more presents. Then off to Toys R Us to spend his $3. Which he bought a "Mater" truck with. Then he chose a lunch at McDonalds of a cheeseburger, apple dippers and juice. Then he had his party with all of his friends at My Gym. Which rocked!

Saturday Orion opened all of his presents from his friends because we ran out of time on friday to do it and he was asleep by the time we got home. So he played with all of his presents all day on Saturday.

Tonight, Sunday we went to my parents to celebrate all 3 birthdays and tomorrow we will go to Kevins parents to do the same! I am going to be partied out by next week! lol! Its been a fun week and orion has loved every minute. Check out my facebook for all the pics!

Monday, May 25

Birthday cake....

I want this cake. Its my birthday tomorrow (Tuesday) and if anyone wants to make it for me I will love you forever and a day..........I just LOVE this cake!! PS....Im not really expecting anyone to make it but I do love it! It would be an awesome wedding cake!

Sunday, May 24

Busy Busy!

So, I already have soo much stuff to update the blog but do you think I can find my camera?! NO! So that is why nothing new since mothers day.

Why the Happy Birthday backgroud? Well, This week is chocked ful of parties. My birthday is on Tuesday, Orion's is on Fridays and Kevins is the following Wednesday. So I will be updating the blog soon with lots of new pictures.

Saturday, May 16

Mothers Day 09!

For Mothers day, Kevins mom, my mom, Susan and myself all went to get pedicures and went out for dinner on the monday after.

Friday, May 15

The Undie Olympics

Orion rarely wears clothes at home. And he LOVES to jump from the couch to the floor. One day I told him to stop because the ground was hard and I didnt want him to get hurt. So I went in the the kitchen by the time I came out, he had dragged his mattress out and put it in front of the couch. Smart. I could say anything at that point. I was too impressed. lol. Here is his new trick.....

Orion loves to sing....

His favorite song is "popcorn".
I know he is not ready for American Idol but its tooo darn cute!