The Miller Chronicles

The story of one lucky boy who got us as parents!

Thursday, January 7

Christmas Eve

This year, Orion started asking a lot of questions about Santa. Mainly he was VERY concerned that Santa was not able to come to us because we do not have a fireplace.

We have one of these:

So I ensured Orion that Santa would be able to use his magic key to leave us presents. He was still unsure. Shortly after that, we heard some bells and strage noises at the door. Sure enough, someone had stopped by for an early visit!

Santa told him that he would never forget Orion and that he was a very good boy this year.

And even brought a present.....

Orion was relieved after that and was pretty content.

And made out like a bandit. I guess he WAS a good boy this year.

Wednesday, January 6

Steak Diane - FLAMBE!

YUM! I am lovin the new Cooking Live with Gordon Ramsey show! I actually tried a recipe off the show:

Steak Diane. Or Steak DELICOUS! As I have renamed it.

Check out my Food Blog: for the recipe....

But I got to try a flambe! FIRE! Sorry, I was a little excited... and took a pic!

Tuesday, January 5

Christmas Party #1

My teaching partner for church/friend and I threw a little Christmas Party for our kiddies. We all had a blast.

We got to watch Christmas movies, eat pizza and goodies...

Decorated YUMMY Cookies!

Made Ornaments...

The kids got new cookie aprons....

Loved opening thier stockings...

I think they liked thier gifts...

It was sooo much fun to through a party for these kids! I am sooo blessed to be able to bring them the gospel. And am so happy to be able to teach them for another year.

Getting a Christmas Tree!

Orion, LOVED picking out HIS tree!

On an updated, note, he is in denial that it is not in our house anymore.

Monday, January 4

Thanksgiving.....catching up!

So I finally sat down and am blogging like 7 in a row so stay tuned....

Thanksgiving 2009;

I LOVE the kiddie table....