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Thursday, March 25

Oreo Dilemma....

So we all know Kevins favorite is this...

Well, I {HEART} this...

MYSTIC MINTS~~sorry, couldn't find a picture of the packaging.

My FAVORITE part of Christmas growing up was we bought one box of Mystic Mint cookies. Its basically an mint oreo cookie covered in chocolate. In the 90's Nabisco decided to discontinue them and concentrate on OREOS! Bastards!

A few years ago they made a FEEBLE attempt...

Mediocre at best. But they suficed for Chirstmas time. The trouble is they ONLY release them at Chirstmas. They send the bare minimum to stores so unless I buy a box (or two or three) in NOVEMBER they are gone by Christmas! Yeah try hiding THOSE from me!

Well today during my adventures in Target, I came across this>>

Apparently they take HALF an oreo cookie (the half with the creme), cover it in minty fudgeness and want to pass that off. Hummmm, Not quite but still good.

My cookie heart will always belong to Mystic Mints and if Nabisco knows whats best for them......THEY WILL BRING THEM BACK! Until then, my cookie life's quest will be to get this little piece of my childhood back.

The best part......Kevin HATES mint!! So I dont have to worry about them disapearing! Yeah!!


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