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Thursday, March 18


Last weeked, we visited Kevins Young mens leader, Who has since moved to Arizona. So we went on a little road trip (which we will be flying next time). We had a great time with some great people that I am very sorry that I did not get more pictures of.

Orion met a new buddy there. As soon as he saw the pool, you counld'nt keep them out of it! Orion ended up soaked through his pants. Tyson as you see got them off early....

While researching things to do in AZ, I came across Superstition Farms..

Where we got to learn about cows, Go on a hayride tour of the farm, learn about different cows. Pet and feed goats, sheep, horses, and a donkey. And enjoy a milk bar offereing like 13 differnt flavors of milk!
Orion got to "Drive a tractor"

Go on the hayride..

He LOVED chasing the chickens around.

Eventually got to hold "Roger" the rooster...

And enjoyed sone Cherry Vanilla Milk! DEELISH!

They we were told there was an OSTICH FESTIVAL! So while the menfolk played golf, Tyson's mommy (Brianne)and I set off in search. Thinking "Why not, who is going to go to an Ostich Festival. Might be something to do thats not that crowded." YEAH RIGHT! It took us 20 mins to PARK! Apparently Ostiches are POPULAR in AZ!
So of course, we checked out the Ostriches, Orion insisted they be called Flamingos...

We saw a FREAK SHOW...that lived up to its name...this chick was not only walking and jumping on broken glass but holding her boobs in so that they wouldnt fall out...Most of the acts for this, you will be glad I am not posting pictures. Lets just say one involves a very long nail in someones nose....

Orion actually got to ride a CAMEL! How awesome is that!!

All in all a great trip. Didnt do everything we wanted to but next time we hope to stay longer. It was great to meet a wonderful family and for Kevin to See this guy again...who btw was called back into the Young Mens the very Sunday we were there.


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