The Miller Chronicles

The story of one lucky boy who got us as parents!

Wednesday, November 18

Halloween preschool party!

The Willoughby's and the Miller's got together yet again to have a wonderful preschool Halloween party and to carve pumpkins!

Our spooky feast included Worms, served on a bun:

and lots of spooky treats!

Like: Bug Juice, scabs (potato chip), Pureed brains and whitches fingers (carrots and ranch dip), Monster Toes (weenies wrapped in tortillas), Mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in crossant dough), mummy pizzas, and for dessert, Poisoned carmel apples and eyeballs (donut holes) on a stick. Oh! and Ghoul terd cookies also!

And carved our pumpkins:

All for preperation of Halloween to which this was the ONLY picture I got as my battery died! But I will steal some from Sara later. lol!

Tuesday, November 17

Preschool Field trip

Our preschool went on a field trip tot he pumpkin patch right before Halloween and had a blast!

I dont know what was so exciting over in that direction but it must have been interesting!

Monday, November 16

Orion at My Gym

One of the perks to working at My Gym is that I can bring orion to the classes for free. Which he loves.

Here are a couple of pics from his class.

And doing a "skin the cat" on rings and a trampoline....

Sunday, November 15

Kiki and Orion

Are soooooo funny together! One day at "recess" from school, I took them to the park. Kiki wanted to go down the slide with Orion TOGETHER.

First attempt:

Did not go according to plan. Kiki was pretty upset. As you can see on her face! lol!

So they made another attempt after Kiki scolded Orion for not waiting for her.

And it was successful!

Ahhhh to be young again!

New Teeth!

So a few months ago, Orion was washing his hands in the bathroom and when he went to get down, he put his hands on the counter (which was wet), slipped and kissed the toilet. His teeth we not loose but we found out a month later that the roots of his 2 front teeth were dying. They started turning grey. So he needed 2 root canals and they needed to be capped. Pricey to say the least. So he went from this:

To this:
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