The Miller Chronicles

The story of one lucky boy who got us as parents!

Wednesday, July 8

Orion having a ball......

This was too funny NOT to share!

I dont know where he gets it.....

Tuesday, July 7

4 Little Monkeys Jumping.........


Monday, July 6


Sorry mom, you are not going to like this post.

Got some of my tats fixed by a buddy.

This one was done in Sept of 03. It was outlined but then never finshed.


After some red and yellow:

And after some white in the checkerd flag. You'll be able to tell more when the swelling goes down. Ill keep posting its healing process:

He also touched up and fixed my maple leaf on my back. It was my first. Got it in late 02. The red was soo faded you could barely tell it was colored in. The word "Canada" was originally under it but was so faded and small, you could barely make out any word. So he fixed that as well.

Saturday, July 4

My favorite guy in the whole world!

Sorry Kevin. You are a close second to this guy:

Friday, July 3

Orion and Kiki - sooo cute!

Orion and I went to Joanns with Sara and her 3 girls. Orion gets sooo excited whenever he gets to see all three. Especially Kiki. He knew he had to hold my hand crossing the street but he decieded to hold Kikis instead.

Then they got so upset when they were not put in the same cart. Too Cute! They were sharing Graham Crackers.

And so it begins....

Orion LOVES talking to his nana on the phone. I can give him the phone and he will have a full on conversation with his Nana for like 15 mins. He will take her around his room and "show" her his toys by putting the phone up to the toy. Its sooo funny!